Sobol Rittenhouse

Sobol Rittenhouse uses digital ordering to promote their business and gain new customers

Andrea Carter

SoBol is a cafe that specializes in acai bowls, green bowls, fruit smoothies & beyond.

Tell us about your story, how did you start your business?

Sobol was a concept that started out in Long Island New York, we were the first franchise group in the PA area, we now own two stores in Philly and hope to expand in the future. We had a passion of introducing acai to a new audience, even after being in the area for over a year now, we still meet new people everyday that we introduce acai to and its many health benefits.

Did you have any concerns when first hearing about Ritual?

Not really, it seemed like a great program for us to get into, they were a new concept in Philly and so were we, seemed like a good fit. There wasn't really a downside in trying it out.

How is Ritual working out for your business now?

It’s working out great, we get a ton of new customers from the platform, it’s one of our most popular online ordering systems. Ritual helped get the word out when we were new. The Ritual team is always very responsive with any issues we have and they make everything easy for us to integrate into our workflow.

Ritual’s biggest value was getting us access into high rise office buildings and people in them.

What’s the biggest value add Ritual has brought?

Getting us easy access to the high rises and the people in them was super valuable. We have teams ordering acai bowls from offices that we normally wouldn’t have as much exposure to. Ritual orders are usually our first orders everyday.

Anything else you’d like to add? General advice or learnings?

I would highly recommend getting your business on Ritual. It’s better for the everyone, it’s fast and easy for customers.