QR Code Menu - Offer A Digital Menu To Unlock Contactless Dining

During the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are looking for innovative ways to offer their customers contactless ordering and payment. Contactless ordering and payment is an excellent way to minimize social contact while still operating your business in a safe manner. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently updated their guidelines with recommendations for personal and social interactions. One of the recommendations is to use contactless options wherever possible. 

While it may be hard to minimize contact with dine-in experiences, there are different solutions such as QR Codes you can adopt to minimize contact between your customers and staff members. 

In this article, we are going to explore what QR codes are and how you can start offering your customers a touch-less experience today. 

What Is QR Code?

QR codes - short form for Quick Response codes, work like the barcodes you might find at the grocery store. Using a mobile phone, customers are able to scan the square QR Code, which will then pull up information that you choose, such as your digital menu or website.

Scanning a QR code is quick and easy. Most, if not all, modern mobile phones have a built-in QR code scanner. For example on the iPhone, the QR scanner is built directly in the camera app. Simply point the back-facing camera at a QR Code without taking the picture and your iPhone will automatically recognize the code. You will then be prompted with a notification to open the selected destination. 

What Are The Benefits Of A QR Code Menu?

A QR code menu is a must-have for cafes and restaurants that strive to comply with social distancing and hygiene guidelines. 

Physical menus are one of the most touched items that get passed around from customer to customer in a restaurant. By scanning a QR code that is affiliated with a digital menu, you can help encourage social distancing while enabling your business to provide customers with a touchless service. 

A QR code menu is easy to set up and provides your customers with a seamless ordering experience. It makes accepting orders easier for you as a business and in turn, allows your staff to focus their attention on other operational needs. 

With Ritual ONE, QR code menus are versatile and can serve dine-in and take away customers with little setup effort. We will provide you with a customized QR code for both your dine-in and take away menus.

The QR code is fully dynamic. Meaning you will never have to reprint your QR code if you ever update your digital menu. 

How Can I Get A QR Code Digital Menu For My Business? 

1) Set up Your Digital Menu with Ritual ONE

Ritual ONE is a commission-free online ordering system that enables restaurants to accept digital orders through QR code (marketing assets in/out of store), website, and Instagram. 

Setting up your digital menu with Ritual ONE is easy! Upload your menu on our website and we will take care of digitizing it. Once complete, a member of our team will walk you through your Partner Portal and show you how you can make changes in the future as well as upload photos of your menu items.

No app required! With Ritual ONE, your customers can order directly from your digital menu without having to create an account or order through an app! And best of all, when your customers order through your digital menu, all of those orders are commission free! 

2) Promote Your QR Code

After setting up your digital menu with Ritual ONE, you will need a QR code that allows your customers to scan and place orders with their mobile phones.  

With your unique Ritual ONE link that hosts your digital menu (see example), you can generate a QR code that will direct your customer to your menu when they scan it. Once you have created a QR code, you can then create custom marketing assets that you can print and showcase in and around your restaurant. Customers are able to scan the poster outside of your restaurant and place their orders.

For take-out, we recommend putting your posters in high traffic and visible areas like the front window and interior walls. This way you can capture the attention of people walking by and promote that your business offers contactless pickup.

If you are offering patio and dine-in services, our team will assist in ensuring the QR codes are placed in the best spot at each table. By scanning a QR code at the table, your customer is able to pull up your full menu, place their order and pay directly from their phone. Their phone becomes a digital kiosk! When a customer places an order for dine-in, the order will have the table number they are sitting at attached, making it easy for your staff to navigate delivering orders.

Extra: Enable Online Ordering On Your Website and Instagram

Ritual ONE also allows you to accept orders from your website and Instagram account at no additional cost. To make the most of Ritual ONE, we recommend using your Ritual ONE custom link and setting up online ordering on your other platforms as well.

Set up your QR code menu with Ritual ONE

Ready to set up online ordering for your business? Have more questions? Request more info and we’d be happy to share how everything works and get you started.

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