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Ritual Guides: Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto December 2023

At Ritual we're all about bringing the best of Toronto's food scene straight to you! Read on as we showcase the top Thai restaurants in Toronto.
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Delivery vs Take Out: the Perks of Opting for Takeout with Ritual

In a world where convenience takes precedence, the age-old debate between delivery and takeout has become more relevant than ever.

Why Our Service Fee Exists

A Transparent Look at Our Updated Strategy

The Hidden Cost of Online Ordering

Unveiling the Menu Markups on Food Ordering Apps

Ritual Guides: Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto December 2023

Join us as we unveil the top destinations that have mastered the art of Indian cuisine, inviting you to savour the essence of India right here in the heart of Toronto.

Ritual Guides: Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago December 2023

Get ready for a fiesta of flavors with Ritual's Top Mexican Eats in Chicago!

Ritual Guides: Best Thai Restaurants in Toronto December 2023

At Ritual we're all about bringing the best of Toronto's food scene straight to you! Read on as we showcase the top Thai restaurants in Toronto.

Eat Well, Live Well: The 5 Best Healthy Food Gems in St. Lawrence

Indulge in Nourishing Meals and Feel Good About Your Food Choices in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood.

Eating Well in the Financial District: Best 5 Healthy Food Spots

Elevate Your Lunch Breaks with Wholesome and Satisfying Dining Options Near Your Workplace.

The 5 Best Coffee Shops In St. Lawrence You Must Visit

Indulge in the Ultimate Coffee Crawl, and uncover the best coffee shops near you.

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From Smooth Espressos to Iced Lattes - Exploring the Finest Coffee Spots to Elevate Your Workday.

The 20 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto: Your 2023 Ritual Guide

Discover Toronto's coffee scene with our comprehensive guide. From artisan coffee roasters to cozy café corners, these are the top 20 coffee shops in Toronto that you must visit.

Office Snacks That Everyone Will Love

Office snacks are a great way of boosting team productivity, so here is everything you need to know to get the ball rolling!

How To: Corporate Social Responsibility at Work

Corporate social responsibility in the workplace is a growing trend that benefits multiple tiers of the business, so here are some top tips to get you started!

How to Boost Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is a major concern and top businesses know that a happy workforce is the key to success.

Best Team Building Ideas for a Hybrid Office

Remote working can pose many challenges but connection doesn’t have to be one of them with great virtual team building ideas.

Why Workers Look Forward to Employee Meal Programs

Employee meal programs build up teams, enhance company culture and boost productivity, and they are a perk workers will look forward to!

Fun Team Lunch Ideas to Improve Engagement

Team engagement can ebb and flow, but these team lunch ideas are sure to raise the tides for building company culture and boosting morale.

Best Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

When you’re in the zone at work, the last thing you want is to stop and think about healthy lunch ideas, so here are some easy go-tos to make your next order a breeze.

How to Foster Wellbeing in the Workplace

With stress at an all time high, fostering wellbeing in the workplace is not just better for the bottom line but a way of bringing in a bit of joy.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Winning Office Culture in 2023

Build a stronger, more collaborative and happy team in 2023. Here are 8 ways to get started.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Organizing Team Lunch

Want to organize your team lunch but don’t know how or where to start? This article will tell you all you need to consider.

What Does a Good Workplace Culture Look Like?

Wondering what a good workplace culture looks like? It might not be as simple as you think. Read on to learn all about it.

How to Improve Employee Experience in 2023

Are you looking to have a better working experience in 2023? How about optimizing the workplace experience for all of the team?

How to Improve Your Corporate Culture in 2023

If you’re looking to improve your corporate culture this year, fret not, there are many ways to start the process.

The Benefits of Boxed Lunch Catering

Are you looking for ways to save costs on staff lunches? Boxed lunch catering could be the choice for your office.

Best Office Food Delivery Ideas

Office food deliveries are just the ticket to ticking your company along. Here are 6 great office food delivery ideas that are certain to spruce up the energy in any office.

Top Office Lunch Ideas in Downtown Toronto

For those seeking the best office lunch ideas in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at some amazing lunch ideas.

What Is Workplace Experience?

Workplace experience matters. But what is it, and how can you influence it? This article tells all, with some quick tips to get the ball rolling.

How To Increase Office Productivity in A Post-Pandemic World

Focusing on productivity levels can sometimes be a drag even though they are so important. Get excited about some new ways to jumpstart productivity.

5 Great Catering Ideas for Lunch & Learns

Lunch and learns get us educated in a relaxed, professional way. So kick back, put your thinking cap on, and take a bite!

What Are The Benefits of A 4-Day Week?

Many companies are using the 4-day week as their new standard. Could it become the future of the working week, and how optimal is it?

Future-Proofing the Office: How To Get It Done

Is it time to modernize your office environment? The process can be broken down into bite-sized chunks that leave everyone satisfied!

How To Address Mental Health In The Workplace

Are you concerned about how to address mental health in the workplace? Employers can take easy steps to build a culture of trust and empathy.

Top 5 Ways to Reward Your Team

We couldn’t fulfill our business objectives without our employees, so why not find a creative way to reward them and celebrate your teamwork?

How To Boost Office Morale

Boosting team morale jumpstarts productivity, collaboration, and creates an environment for long-term staff retention.

How to Cater an Office Holiday Event

An office holiday gathering is a chance to kick back and enjoy good food in good company. Here’s how you can cater a memorable event.

What is Lunchflation? The Silent Budget Killer in The Corporate Workplace

Lunchflation is steepening people’s budgets and making lunches stressful! But there are ways to improve this.

The Complete Guide to Employee Retention

How can companies retain top talent in the new working culture? The secret is a good incentive structure.

How to Manage Employee Attendance at Work

In-office employee attendance can be tough to achieve in the current climate, but create a vibrant environment and nobody will want to miss out.

How to Improve Employee Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance isn’t a unicorn, it’s real. Give it to your employees, and they will value your employment all the more.

8 Company Lunch Catering Ideas for Team Building

Help improve team morale and employee satisfaction by trying out some of these delicious catering ideas.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Office Environment

Here are the 5 easiest ways to keep your employees happy and motivated in the office.

A Recipe for Success: What Science Says About Social Eating at the Office

Teams that eat together, stick together. Here’s what modern science has to say about the productivity benefits of eating together at work.

How to Make a Winning Return to Office Plan

A return to office plan should not only be about creating safety and ease, it should help create a positive company culture.

14 Most-Loved Team Lunch Foods [Office Catering Ideas]

The best office catering ideas to satisfy your employees, attract top talent, and improve company culture.

How Kitchen Hub Food Hall is Changing the Takeout Game

Look out – Kitchen Hub is bringing a fresh approach to food halls. We sat down with founders, Adam Armeland, Oren Borovitch and Mat Abramsky, to learn more about their inspiration, their restaurant partners and what they’re most excited about for their new Liberty Village location.

Survey: What the “Return to Office” Actually Looks Like in Practice

Turns out the “return to office” isn’t back to business as usual. Here are some insights from a survey of 1496 employees.

The Not-So-Surprising Link Between Employee Wellness and Food Perks

Promoting employee wellness in today’s workplace means going beyond free healthy snacks in the office.

The Hybrid Workplace Experience That HR and Teams Are Raving About

The hybrid office experience, done right, can serve both in-office and at-home employees equally.

3 Types of Work Benefits Taking Over the Modern Office

As employee demands change, so are the types of benefits forward-looking employers are using to attract and retain them.

5 Reasons Why Boxed Lunch Catering Is Taking Over the Workplace

Boxed lunch catering is gaining popularity as a more inclusive, cost-effective alternative to traditional food perks. Here’s why.

Why You Won’t See Sandwich Platters in the Modern Office Anymore

It’s time to leave sandwich platters in the past and move to more personalized workplace catering options. Here’s why.

Post-COVID Employee Retention Strategies for the New World of Work

In a turbulent job market, these employee retention strategies matter just as much as your hiring strategy.

How Corporate Catering is adapting to the modern office culture

Learn how and why to optimize your business through a shift from corporate catering to individualized meals.

Home is Toronto

We were born 8 years ago in Toronto, so we wanted to find out a bit more about the unique spots that make up our city's food landscape. We interviewed 5 amazing Toronto restaurants to find out more about their favourite dishes and what they love about Toronto's food scene.

Small Acts, Big Impact

At Ritual, we are making it easier to prioritize sustainability in your everyday rituals (see what we did there?). In Australia, we have partnered with some amazing companies that are helping reduce waste and promote sustainability.

3 Tips for Restaurants to Maximize Mobile Ordering Adoption

The mobile ordering market has an annual revenue of over $40 billion, and is projected to increase further in the coming years. 

Mobile Ordering With Ritual: Combating the Effects of Lunchflation

The price of food has seen an exponential increase over the past two years. It marks the largest percentage rise seen in the last four decades. Ritual has the answer.

“Much easier and more flexible”: Beazley Expands Ritual Lunch Partnership to 3 New North American Offices

Whether they’re preparing a snack platter for a board meeting, making a coffee run in the morning, or grabbing a pick-me-up plate during late days on the trading floor, Beazley leans on Ritual to simplify food at the office. 

Picking Up vs. Ordering In: Which Is Better for the Office?

Group ordering creates a completely new social experience for team members mobile ordering meals for takeout.

Group Ordering: Ritual's Newest Feature is Changing How Offices Do Lunch

If you're catering meals for meetings, it can be tricky business managing everyone's meal preferences and dietary restrictions. With Ritual for Team’s group ordering feature, you can bypass these difficulties by having everyone in attendance order from their mobile devices—exactly as they like it. 

Black-Owned Restaurants and Cafes You've Got to Try This Juneteenth

One of the best ways to observe and honour this important day is to celebrate the Black-owned restaurants and eateries in your community.

Food Delivery vs. Ritual App: Benefits at a Glance

These days, food delivery seems to get all the love. But while the convenience of food delivery can be all too tempting, it comes at a steep cost—steeper, in fact, than you probably already realize.

Reining in Regulars: How to Improve Restaurant Sales This Father's Day and Build a Busy Restaurant

Father’s Day is one of the top days of the year when eateries see the biggest increase in traffic. By leveraging that increased traffic effectively, restaurants can turn customers into regulars.

How Food Brings Teams Together: Real Case Studies from Real Teams

People intuitively understand the power of food as a tool for socialization and bonding. That's why so many CEOs, founders, and corporate leaders have made food and snack breaks an office staple.

Which Is The Right Corporate Meal Program for Your Company?

An astounding 67% of American employees who work for companies providing a corporate meal program cited increased job satisfaction.

5 Reasons Why Ritual is the Best Food Ordering App for Restaurant Lovers

Food delivery misses so much about what makes restaurants great. They lack the human connection that guests share with chefs and hosting staff, and they miss out on the scents, sights, and sounds that make a restaurant truly special and unique.

Why Top Restaurants Are Going All-In on Mobile Ordering and Order Apps

Over the last few years, the mobile ordering market has now been valued in the tens of billions of dollars. In essence, the mobile order app has completely changed the restaurant industry.

5 Creative Employee Benefits to Attract Top Talent

Gone are the days when a salary package alone could allure (and retain) the people your company needs to succeed. If you're at a loss for creative employee incentives that add to your compensation package, we've got you covered.

How the Ritual App is Revitalizing Commercial Spaces

While it's positive news that the retail industry anticipates growth in the year ahead, commercial property owners and business owners might want to go the extra mile to ensure that they too are part of this rising tide.

Want to Increase Commercial Foot Traffic? Here's How Ritual is Providing Retail Property Solutions to Increase Circulation

Providing free healthy snacks and free meals is a fantastic way to incentivize employees to return to work in the office setting. Consequently, this will significantly increase the foot traffic to your commercial building.

Back to Work and Ordering Out: How Teams are Adapting to the Office

Teams adapting to back to work in the office with things like free meals and snacks, fun team-building activities, cash bonuses, and more flexible work schedules.

How the Ritual App is Bringing New Life to Offices, Malls, and Commercial Spaces: A Tool for Urban Renewal

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark on how commercial real estate is utilized in urban areas. With the advent of economy-wide work from home (WFH) policies, a mass exodus has taken place where many have permanently left cities for suburban or rural areas. 

4 Food Trends Changing the Future of the Office

Food trends such as buying local, healthy yet indulgent snacks, and creating bonding experiences will be an essential part of the future office workplace in our post-pandemic world.

Introducing Shareables

The new way to share restaurant recommendations with $$ to actually try it

How Geotargeting Can Gently Encourage Employees Back to the Office

The era of full-time work from home is likely coming to a close. Here's how Ritual is using geolocation technology to make the transition more exciting for teams. 

How Workplace Food Perks Can Incentivize the Return to Office

Incentivization like food perks are an emerging trend in an effort to retain and attract not only your current team members but also for attracting top new talent in the post-pandemic workplace.

Incentives to Bring Employees Back to the Office

Top employee incentive programs you can put in place to make the transition to the office smoother for your team. 

Fun Office Games and Activities for Team Building

Research has shown that 77% of employees deem their relationships with co-workers to be a top contributing factor to employee engagement, which is correlated to overall job satisfaction.

Team Building Exercises that will Inspire Productivity

Team building activities that focus on and foster specific components including communication, trust, adaptability, organization, and problem-solving. 

Back to the Office? Here Are 7 Fun Ways to Bring Your Team Together With Food

As we return to the pre-pandemic normal, difficulties may come up. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make this process as easy and undisruptive as possible.

Resolutions to Bring Your Team Together in 2022

New year, new normal, and a new chance to reset your company culture.

Employee Engagement Ideas & Strategies to Implement in 2022

Workers are rethinking what they really want and what matters to them. If employers want to keep and attract talent, they need to rethink their engagement strategies as well.

How to Prevent Employee Burnout in the Workplace

We’re all human, and we all have limits on how much work stress we can sustainably handle. When we cross our personal stress threshold, burnout ensues.

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