How to Improve Employee Experience in 2023

Are you looking to have a better working experience in 2023? How about optimizing the workplace experience for all of the team?
Jen Kelly

New year, new goals! The new year is a great time to reinvest in your employee experience. Although you pick up where you left off, there are many ways you can up your productivity, as a whole, and make your office a greater place to work, both for yourself and your team. Reports by Nailted found that businesses with highly engaged staff results in 21% greater profitability. But hold your horses, how does one achieve this? Is it so easy?

As it happens, it takes a lot of work. However, the rewards can be worth a lot more, and why not pick now to start putting the hours in to reap the benefits in the future? In this article, we will take a look at employee experience, why a high-quality one can be tantamount to success, and what steps you can take to improve employee experience in your organization in 2023.

What Is Employee Experience?

The workplace experience is no abstract thing. It includes walking in through the front door, where you get your morning coffee (and later, lunch), and of course, the work you do and how you and your staff must go about it. For instance, if your computers are outdated and slow, this can affect the employee experience. If you worked in an office with a slow computer, every task would take longer to complete, and over time, it would frustrate the bejesus out of you.

But regardless of whether this is due to slow computers or lack of communication, negative experience in the office impacts the environment as a whole. This is why it might be a good idea to look at the experience from your own perspective as well as take on board staff feedback. But here we go, you knew it was coming. It might sound like a phoned-in list of benefits, but each of them is true and real and will improve your business outputs and returns. Plus, HR teams will have a much easier time completing their administrative duties when there is nothing negative to report on.

Improving Employee Experience

So, how can you improve your employee experience this year? Let’s take a look at five great ways to do it.

1. Create a positive work environment

The ultimate goal is to create a positive environment where productivity, accountability, cohesion, respect, and teamwork are not only encouraged but rewarded. If you up your employee engagement game, you’ll be well on the way to achieving this. If you look at various areas of the company as a whole, you’ll create this environment.

2. Build strong relationships between management and employees

Building relationships in the workplace is the ultimate way to encourage collaboration, bonding, and teamwork. If your office doesn’t have a good place to socialize, this could affect it. On that note, consider putting some money into creating a comfy collaboration space for employees to bond over coffee. A new coffee machine might also be in order.

3. Communicate the value of employees’ contributions 

Ever felt like your job is thankless? It damages your morale and ability to be productive, does it not? This is an area where you can make your workplace special. Communicate the achievements of your staff, and note the value of your employees’ contributions, potentially with cake. Just a minor suggestion.

4. Provide professional growth & development opportunities

One of the staples of a great workplace culture is the possibility of elevation through the ranks, if not through your office, then in the chosen industry of your employees. If you can, implement more growth opportunities and professional development in your office. If you already have this, then think about ways that you can promote this to your employees.

5. Offer competitive perks that support health & well-being

There’s nothing more supportive than your place of work implementing perks that support health and well-being in the office. For instance, some companies offer subsidized counseling or therapy sessions for their employees. Another cost-effective option is to integrate a recurring lunch program into your office so that your employees are sure to enjoy a wholesome lunch during the work day.

The Conclusion

A positive employee experience will revitalize your business in the new year and make you happier in the process. If you are still wondering how to improve your workplace experience, think about starting a program with Ritual for Companies. With recurring corporate lunches from local restaurants, you can give your employees one less thing to worry about in their daily routine (making their own lunch), and improve their employee experience from the sandwich upwards.

Jen Kelly
Jen Kelly