Ritual Online Ordering FAQ

What is Ritual Online Ordering?

Ritual Online Ordering is your commission-free online ordering for your website & social media powered by Ritual.

I already have online ordering, how else can I use Ritual?

Ritual Online Ordering is an omni-channel ordering solution meaning you can use your Ritual link to receive orders through social media, your business profile on Google (only in North America) and through QR codes. This allows you to take advantage of all points of customer interaction and directs customers to your commission-free Ritual webpage rather than a 3rd party delivery platform.

How do I sign up for Ritual Online Ordering?

Click the button at the top of the page and it will prompt you for some basic information. Once received, a Ritual onboarding expert will reach out shortly and start the onboarding process with you. They will work with you every step of the way until you are set up for Ritual Online Ordering.

How does Ritual Online Ordering compare to other online ordering platforms?

Ritual Online Ordering is one of only a few platforms that enables online ordering customization as well as the ability to offer digital ordering through all points of customer connection (online, social & in-store). What really sets Ritual apart is the minimal investment required to use Ritual Online Ordering.

What support do I get once I am set up on Ritual Online Ordering?

Setting up Ritual Online Ordering is simple - most everything needed for your Ritual Online Ordering page can be automatically uploaded through your Ritual partner portal. During onboarding, you'll also gain access to our partner resources page to ensure you're maximizing the use of your Ritual Online Ordering webpage. For any questions or additional support, our dedicated Ritual Online Ordering team can also be a resource.

Receiving Orders

Does Ritual Online Ordering integrate with my Point of Sale?

Ritual Online Ordering integrates either directly or through an aggregator with almost every point of sale solution.

How do customers use Ritual Online Ordering?

Ritual Online Ordering is a first party ordering solution meaning your Ritual page is custom to your branding. Customers do not need to download an app in order to place an order, which reduces overall ordering friction. A customer simply clicks on your Ritual link and can place an order for pickup or delivery from a mobile and browser-friendly webpage.

How do I receive Ritual orders?

You can setup your email to receive orders directly to your inbox, POS system, personal device, or rent an order receiving device for a small fee per week.

Does Ritual create my website? How does the online ordering work?

Ritual Online Ordering can work with or without a website, but a website is preferred. Ritual does not design or host a business' website, we power the online ordering through a custom mobile ordering page from your existing website and social accounts.

How does delivery work with Ritual Online Ordering?

Ritual Online Ordering allows 3 options for maximum flexibility with delivery.

Option 1: You can coordinate your own delivery with your own delivery drivers.

Option 2: You can partner with a local existing courier with a flat fee pricing structure.

Option 3: You can partner with Ritual's national delivery provider, Doordash Drive (only in North America).

All three of these options are designed to allow you to fulfill delivery orders without 3rd party commission as you can decide the radius you want to deliver to and how much, if any, of the flat delivery fee you want to cover or pass on to the customer.


How much does Ritual Online Ordering cost?

The standard pricing for Ritual Online Ordering is $69 (CAD & USD), £59 (UK), $79 (AUS) billed monthly per location. This product powers your online ordering and is distinct from the Ritual App. Additional fees apply to access the Ritual App customers & automated loyalty program.

Standard credit card processing fees apply.

What are some of the hidden fees that might come up?

There are no hidden fees with Ritual Online Ordering.


How long does it take to get set up on Ritual Online Ordering?

It only takes a couple of minutes to register for Ritual Online Ordering. From there you’ll receive a dedicated onboarding expert to help support you with all your needs during the onboarding process.


Are there any cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees. We believe this is a partnership and therefore do not lock our partners to any term contracts.

How do I cancel Ritual Online Ordering?

You can request assistance through your Partner Portal. This is also where you can submit a request to cancel Ritual.

How long does it take to cancel?

We encourage 30 days notice to cancel Ritual Online Ordering. This allows us time to send shipping labels for collecting hardware, if applicable, and time to finalize any outstanding deposits.