Behind our new brand voice

A note from our CEO Ray Reddy

Restaurants. Beyond the basic purpose of providing food and drinks, they fulfill our human need for connection, and play an essential role in shaping our neighbourhoods. We turn to them to celebrate engagements, promotions, and milestones; to connect with old friends and get to know new ones. For many of us, restaurants are more than just a hearty meal. They create jobs, support us when we need a night off, and help us mark life’s biggest events. They’re an integral part of our communities. 

As offline commerce shifts online, Ritual’s mission from day one has been about helping restaurants thrive. Over the last seven years, we’ve worked passionately to bring this mission to life by developing products and experiences that, above all, serve this purpose. Once it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic would change life as we knew it, our mission, placed firmly in the hearts of the Ritual team, allowed us to reshape our business and continue serving our restaurant partners with increased importance. 

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve rolled out a number of initiatives to support local restaurants, including commission-free solutions like online ordering and digital menu creation, helping restaurants expand their reach. With everyone’s safety in mind, we also provided free access to QR code menus, contact tracing, turnkey marketing solutions, contactless payment solutions, and more. 

With the world slowly starting to take its new shape, and as we move towards recovery and collectively anticipate what’s ahead, we’re reshaping our core products to be ‘restaurant first’. That means thinking less about Ritual as a restaurant collective, and focusing more on individual restaurants, trusting that if we can help make each one more successful, Ritual automatically will be. Our brand has evolved to become a better reflection of our mission: to help restaurants thrive.

Our new brand refresh was developed to reinforce our purpose in the way we show up. Our voice now reflects our values and everything we do from this point forward will work to serve as a reminder (both internally and externally) of the ever increasing importance of supporting local and getting behind restaurants by building amazing products that better connect them with communities.

Ritual. We’re for restaurants and the people that love them.

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