How Kitchen Hub Food Hall is Changing the Takeout Game

Look out – Kitchen Hub is bringing a fresh approach to food halls. We sat down with founders, Adam Armeland, Oren Borovitch and Mat Abramsky, to learn more about their inspiration, their restaurant partners and what they’re most excited about for their new Liberty Village location.
Megan Ballingall

Craving takeout from your fave spots but don’t know what to choose? We know that feeling all too well. 

Enter Kitchen Hub, a Toronto-based food hall that’s changing the takeout game. Each of their four locations features a unique mix of restaurant partners (including Cabano’s, Mandy’s, Tecolote, and PAI to name a few!) – so you can satisfy all your cravings in one convenient order. 

To celebrate the launch of Kitchen Hub’s newest location in Liberty Village, we sat down with the team to learn more about the inspiration behind their food hub concept, their unique model and the must-try menu items. 

What inspired you to open a food hub of this kind? 

Kitchen Hub was formed from a love of great food, the need to order something for everyone and the drive to bring Toronto’s best takeout outside of the downtown core. CEO and co-founder Adam Armeland says that the idea came to him while he was on paternity leave; disappointed in the quality of the typical takeout experience and he was left wanting a better option. 

COO and co-founder Oren Borovitch had a similar thought, “the restaurant wants to be proud of what they are putting out to the diner”. Together with CFO and co-founder Mat Abramsky, Kitchen Hub Food Hall was born. 

What do you like about your model? 

“Our model brings together some really great restaurants, allowing them to sell together and to develop their own expertise in takeout and delivery. Unlike the typical ‘ghost kitchen’, Kitchen Hub works with each restaurant to provide them with a customized kitchen space fitted specifically for their individual needs. We make it easier for restaurants to scale quickly into new areas, and access new customers so that kitchens can focus on what they do best - cook. 

Kitchen Hub handles the front-of-house and operations for them. For the average customer, we give you the ability to eat what you want with the people you love to eat with. If that is burgers from Cabano’s, one of Mandy’s famous salads, spring rolls from PAI and tacos from Tecolote - we bring it to you all in one bag, all in one order. All restaurant food is made to order, with a focus on quality, care, and an unbelievable takeout experience.”

What makes your restaurant partners special and how do you support their success?

“We are proud to say that Kitchen Hub’s entire team is passionate about providing unbelievable takeout. Starting with the restaurants that we have chosen to partner with, we evaluate the brand and their online presence, really focusing on their potential to provide a high-quality take-out and delivery experience. And most importantly, we evaluate the food - we are looking to bring the best restaurants into new neighbourhoods, and want to partner with people we know can do just that. 

The takeout market has been changed forever in the past few years, Kitchen Hub supports the success of our partners in the digital space - an area that was previously considered an afterthought for most restaurants. We refocus on what it means to operate digitally, whether that be coordinating food photography or best practices for menu optimization, Kitchen Hub sees the potential to create unbelievable takeout for restaurants and customers alike.”

Tell us more about your new location in Liberty Village!

“Our Liberty Village location is unique, we have partnered with Longo’s to create a store within a store. Why not pick up dinner for tonight, and buy groceries for the next week? You can order before you shop, and your meal is ready to pick up by the time you leave. We offer popular Longo’s staples, including freshly made pizza, chicken dinners, bento sushi, sandwiches, and some great packaged fruit, vegetable, and dessert options. 

Cabano’s has the best smash burgers in the city, made fresh every day - never frozen; favourites include the Cabano Burger (this writer is biased towards fried jalapenos), and the Double Cheeseburger. Cabano’s Honey Habanero Wings have become a new favourite, but you can try the Stroman Shimmy Wings if you’re looking for a milder heat level.

Mandy’s most popular gourmet salads include the Crunchy Sesame, Peanut Satay and The Fav. For those with a sweet tooth, they carry homemade cookies and their own Raspberry Lemonade. 

Tecolote is Kitchen Hub’s newest partner, offering next-level Mexican. Their Pork al Pastor Burrito, Vegan “Chicken” Tinga Bowl and Baja Fish Tacos are highly recommended; as well as their must-try Soursop flavoured water. 

PAI is a Toronto staple for Northern Thai cuisine bar none. Some of their most popular dishes include the Chef Nuit Pad Thai, Pad Gra Prow, and Khao Soi; their Thai Iced Tea has also become a quick Kitchen Hub favourite.”

Where can we find Kitchen Hub? 

“Liberty Village is Kitchen Hub’s 4th location in Toronto, you can also find us in Etobicoke (Queensway), Downtown East (Parliament St), and in York (Castlefield and Dufferin). Each of our locations has a unique mix of restaurant partners, with our Castlefield location home to 13 on-site kitchens serving up to 10 brands; including Gusto101, Wingstop, Pearl Chinese Dim Sum, and Chatime. Follow Kitchen Hub on Instagram @kitchenhub for updates on new restaurants and more!”

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Megan Ballingall
Megan Ballingall