Introducing Shareables

The new way to share restaurant recommendations with $$ to actually try it

Ritual’s mission from day one has been about helping restaurants thrive. As part of our brand refresh, CEO Ray Reddy explained that “as we move towards recovery and collectively anticipate what’s ahead, we’re reshaping our core products to be ‘restaurant first’. That's why we’re proud to unveil Shareables, a program that helps you help support the local restaurants and cafes you love.” 

Getting new customers is always a challenge, even for the most successful restaurants. BUT we know that 9 out of 10 restaurant-goers have visited a restaurant they’ve never been to purely based on a friend’s recommendation. Shareables harnesses the power of these trusted recommendations and incentivizes regulars to send their friends to their fave local spots with $ to try. 

Watch this video 👆 to learn how to quickly score and send a Shareable, then get started by placing an order at a participating restaurant 👇.

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