Why Our Service Fee Exists

A Transparent Look at Our Updated Strategy
January 22, 2024

The introduction of the service fee was not a decision taken lightly. To maintain the high standards you expect from Ritual, we need to continuously invest in our platform. That means creating new tools for our restaurant partners to succeed, learning new ways to provide top-tier customer support and funding technology that makes Ritual a seamless ordering experience. 

Consider this: Ritual's commitment to transparency means that our service fee is clearly displayed before you place an order. Unlike menu markups on other platforms, our service fee is a straightforward way to contribute to the sustainability of the Ritual ecosystem. It allows us to enhance the features you love while supporting local businesses and promoting a fair and transparent pricing model.

Fighting Menu Markups: A Win for Your Wallet

One of the advantages of the service fee is its role in combating menu markups. As we've explored in this blog post, hidden costs on other food ordering platforms can inflate the prices you pay for your favourite meals. By introducing a transparent service fee, we can minimize the need for restaurants to resort to markups. This means that when you order through Ritual, you're not only supporting local businesses but also getting the best value for your money, with zero undisclosed charges. It's a testament to our commitment to fairness and transparency.

The introduction of our service fee is a transparent and strategic decision aimed at ensuring the quality and sustainability of Ritual. It serves as a vital component in the fight against menu markups, providing you with a more honest and cost-effective ordering experience. Moreover, the service fee enables us to create new features like MenuIQ putting power back in the hands of our loyal users.

Our commitment to providing added value to our users and fostering a community where everyone benefits means that we are exploring even more ways to make our fees fair and transparent. We are looking forward to sharing all future updates with you.