How to Cater an Office Holiday Event

An office holiday gathering is a chance to kick back and enjoy good food in good company. Here’s how you can cater a memorable event.
Megan Ballingall

Finally, December’s here and the holidays are right around the corner! In other words, the perfect time to celebrate the wins from the year and show your staff how much you appreciate them. A memorable staff event will boost morale, break up the monotony of work weeks, and remind everyone of what’s important – the team!

Obviously, the most cost-effective way to host a holiday event is to celebrate in the office, transforming the place of work into a place of fun for an afternoon. If you’re the one planning the event, then you will have to iron out the kinks. Is it affordable, and do you have the space? Well, food and drinks are always affordable and should fit through the door just fine (open it first, though!).

When it comes to office holiday party food ideas, there are platforms you can use that cater to your team’s diverse tastes and preferences. Not only this, but office food programs such as Ritual for Companies allow you to discover and order (expediently!) from hundreds of nearby restaurants. Food from close by arrives quicker and fresher, and you can feel great about supporting local businesses.

So, there’s that particular hurdle out the way (yay!), and so, are there any others to make a note of? In this article, we’ve listed some important elements to keep in mind when organizing a staff office party, so you can lean back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

1. Keep Budget in Mind…

When asking your employees what they would prefer to eat, keep your budget in mind. While it isn’t the staff who have to worry about such things, it’s still important to note to be realistic with your expectations. How about letting your team members choose their own food and subsidize a portion of their meal? It simplifies your accounting purposes, especially when everyone gets a specified amount (like $20) each to spend on food.

2. Flexibility & Customization…

Always take your employees’ dietary needs and preferences into account. Luckily, there are platforms that take the stress out of coordinating meals for larger groups. If your office uses a meal solution like Ritual for Companies, there are plenty of restaurants and options available for your team to choose from.

3. Choice…

Make sure you provide a broad and varied selection for your staff. You may even want to implement a voting system ahead of time. It also helps to have a list of attendees so that you can account for everybody that’s coming and not purchase too much (or too little!) in the days running up to the event. Psst…Ritual for Companies allows everyone to order exactly what they want.

4. Keep It Light…

Never forget to keep the occasion light and to have a good time yourself. This is ultimately a fun occasion and nobody is forced to take part. Encourage team members to casually stop by. And since it’s a holiday season, why not add some holiday-themed beverages? Hot chocolate, mulled wine, egg nog... yum!

5. Consider the Clean-up Job…

There may be some admin to do after the storm has passed, whether this is in the form of tidying up or accounting for the cost incurred. It’s always worth asking for volunteers to help with clean up, but keep these tasks in mind before, during, and after the event, so that you’re prepared for the end result once there’s no pizza left. Ordering individualized boxed meals is one way to make clean-up fast and efficient.

What Now?

If you’re excited by the prospect of providing wholesome and universally loved small office party food ideas to your next holiday gathering, consider Ritual for Companies. With Ritual, you can order catered meals for pickup or delivery from top-tier local restaurants with a few easy clicks. But more importantly, remember why you’re catering for a holiday party: to have copious amounts of fun!

Megan Ballingall
Megan Ballingall