Ritual vs. Chownow

Why you should use Ritual's Online Ordering instead of ChowNow

Is there a better ChowNow Alternative?

Absolutely! Ritual Online Ordering is the most affordable online ordering system built for restaurants. Paying an exorbitant amount in monthly fees for an online ordering system is terrible for your restaurant’s bottom line.

In this article, you will learn why thousands of restaurant partners across 40+ cities worldwide choose Ritual Online Ordering as their preferred online ordering system.

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1. Get More While Saving on Fees

With Ritual Online Ordering you get everything you need to set up an online ordering system. And the best part, there are no setup costs! The online ordering platform has been designed to service independent stores and large chains alike. If you do have multiple restaurants, you can setup an unlimited amount of stores that can be centralized under one primary account.

In comparison, ChowNow charges a massive initial setup fee of $399 along with their monthly recurring $149 subscription fee. Save with Ritual Online Ordering today, there is no setup cost and no commission-fee. You will get a premium online ordering system for a low cost of $49 per month!

2. Customizable Branding and Menu

Create a unique digital experience with your own menu photography and custom branding. With Ritual Online Ordering, you will have access to our partner portal where you can add your logo, cover photo, and accent colors to match your brand. If you have multiple restaurants, you can manage the menu and branding for all your locations with a click of a button. The Ritual Online Ordering platform is built to enable you to keep all your branding intact! Customize the page and let your brand shine through!

In this new and challenging environment, we knew that online ordering would play a crucial role in customer confidence and comfort. Ritual Online Ordering provides BenjYehuda's customers an easy to use platform directly from our website and remains true to our brand experience, look and feel. -- Benji Rosen, Owner BenjYehuda

Unlike ChowNow, Ritual Online Ordering gives you complete ownership of your menu design and branding. If you have extra customizations such as add-ons and modifiers, Ritual Online Ordering gives you full control.

What are you waiting for?

Customize your online menu now!

3. Know Your Customer

With Ritual Online Ordering, you will have complete access to sales reports and customer data such as name, email, phone number, and much more!

Capturing and having access to customer data is invaluable. It can help you understand what your customers like and dislike, their ordering patterns, and habits. This information can help you quickly identify trends and in return help you make informed business decisions. Get smarter by learning about your customer base and what their key behaviors are.

Start making better-informed business decisions today.

4. Automated Loyalty Program: Ritual Rewards

Turn customers into regulars with Ritual’s automated loyalty program. A digital stamp card program that rewards your customers for repeated visits. With Rituals Rewards, your customers can earn and track their progress as each order gets them closer to their reward. You can even incentivize further with Reward Boosters that reward customers with bonus stamps.

“Ritual has always been a great partner, and Ritual Online Ordering kicks my service up a notch! More convenient for my customer and my business. They have added some great perks, such as the Loyalty program as well as the option to deliver. Unlike ALL the other Apps, this is a true partnership, where the entire financial burden is not on the restaurant. You can call, and a person picks up the phone and actually helps! And the Ritual customer managers are helpful and truly involved in helping my business succeed.” -- Morgan Street Cafe

Reward your loyal customers today.

5. Grow Your Business

With Ritual Online Ordering, you will have the ability to sign up for Ritual Marketplace, a premium digital ordering mobile app that connects thousands of restaurants with millions of customers. Ritual Marketplace currently operates in 40+ cities across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia and is used by more than 10,000 quick-service restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, and coffee shops. The platform is best known for driving incremental revenue to restaurants by leveraging the millions of users who use the Ritual Marketplace app. To date, Ritual has processed millions of orders per year and is growing daily.

With access to Ritual Marketplace, you will be able to reach a whole new set of customers. With premium marketing services through email notifications, push notifications, and prime in-app placement, restaurants can leverage free market exposure to new customers in your area to grow your bottom line. Maximize your profits with features like Piggyback (group ordering) and a seamless mobile experience with Ritual.

Ritual has been a strong partner throughout the pandemic and has worked with us in many ways to increase revenues during these difficult times. Ritual Online Ordering supports our businesses by helping us maximize commission-free sales from our new branded website. They have a massive user base and have been able to help us capture new revenues along with consistently keeping our current customer base engaged with special offers. -- Samer and Mutaz, Co-Owners Mezza & Habanero Grill

Start growing your business.