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We were born 8 years ago in Toronto, so we wanted to find out a bit more about the unique spots that make up our city's food landscape. We interviewed 5 amazing Toronto restaurants to find out more about their favourite dishes and what they love about Toronto's food scene.
Megan Ballingall

What a birthday month it’s been! We celebrated our eight years hard all August, with an epic points campaign, discounted sweet drinks, five days of social giveaways and fun in the sun at Union Summer.

To wrap up our month-long birthday celebration, we interviewed five incredible Toronto restaurants who have become staples in our city’s food landscape. Maybe you know and love them already. Maybe this is your sign to give them a try (which is why we’ve included a $5 Shareables* link for select locations below!).

Mos Mos Coffee

Mos Mos Coffee / @mosmoscoffee 

This delectable coffee shop first opened its doors in 2014 and has since built a loyal following with its unique model of coffee-making. What makes it special? Steamed milk is the default at Mos Mos. Even the drip will be topped up with frothy foam (unless otherwise requested). There’s always a lineup at Mos Mos locations, so ordering ahead on Ritual is the only move. 

We spoke to Tereza Buresova, General Manager of Mos Mos:

What is your favourite dish/item on your menu and why?

Cardamom Chai Latte. It has a unique taste and a bit of spiciness.

What do you like about Toronto's food scene?

I like the diversity of Toronto's food scene, a whole world of different flavours is always within walking distance.

Get $5 toward your first taste at Mos Mos (King/Bay).


iQ FOOD CO. / @iqfoodco

iQ FOOD CO. was founded in 2011 by Alan Bekerman who, at the time, was working in the Financial District and felt frustrated by the lack of health food options in downtown Toronto. He envisioned a restaurant that used high-quality ingredients such as whole grains, lean proteins, and good fats, offering healthy food that would serve quickly and conveniently. Today, over 50% of what they buy (in terms of spend) is sourced within 100 kilometres or less. That’s some serious local love.

Here’s what Alan Bekerman, Founder & CEO, loves about iQ and TO:

What is your favourite dish/item on your menu and why?

The Poblano Cobb - our summer seasonal! Featuring New Farm's Spicy Organic Greens (probably the most delicious lettuce in the country), fresh corn and lime, it tastes like summer in a bowl. And the charred poblano crema is epic.

What do you like about Toronto's food scene?

The diversity and scale. You can get literally the best of everything (incredible Italian, really great Japanese, the best Jamaican, etc.) within 25 minutes of wherever you are. 

Ready to give iQ a first try? Here’s $5 to start your order at their Brookfield Place location now

Kupfert & Kim

Kupfert & Kim / @kupfertkim 

Kupfert & Kim’s motto is “Wheatless & Meatless” and they pride themselves on making “delicious, minimally-processed food that is awesome for humans, animals and our planet.” Co-founded in 2013 by two former bandmates, Mark and Daniel, each of their seven locations uphold the values of providing healthy meals that are good for people and good for the environment. Fresh produce is delivered every morning, they vet their suppliers and source local ingredients, produce very little waste, and provide compostable takeout containers. Way to help the world!

Here’s a bit more from Co-Founder Daniel Suss:

What is your favourite dish/item on your menu and why?
I often go for the guac burger, it just hits all the right spots when I'm hungry. Then I'll grab an almond smoothie with espresso. Delish.

What do you like about Toronto's food scene?
There's a bit of everything.

Looking for a light bite at the right price? Give Kupfert & Kim (Spadina/Richmond) a first taste with $5 off.

Kibo Sushi House

Kibo Sushi House / @kibosushihouse

If you’ve been in Toronto for any length of time, chances are you’ve come across a Kibo. They are a true staple in Toronto, with 30+ locations in the GTA alone (they also have a few in YYC!). Kibo (meaning “hope” in Japanese) was born in Cabbagetown in Toronto in 2012 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Even with rapid growth, each store is considered a “neighbourhood restaurant”, more so than a big franchise, as the owners of each restaurant live in the neighbourhood themselves and are part of the community.

More insight from Bo Seo, Founder of Kibo Sushi House:

What is your favourite dish/item on your menu and why?

My favourite dish is Kibo's Spicy Salmon Roll. Our homemade spicy mayo has a spicy kick that brings the flavour of Salmon and is also very well balanced with our homemade sushi vinaigrette in the rice of the roll. 

What do you like about Toronto's food scene?

I believe that Toronto reflects multiculturalism very well. Toronto allows the best chance to experience authentic food from each cuisine to the fullest.

Haven’t made it to Kibo yet? Better get on it! Here’s $5 to check out their Cabbagetown location

FLOCK rotisserie + greens

FLOCK rotisserie + greens / @eatflock 

FLOCK Chef & Co-Founder, Cory Vitiello, has a passion for poultry – “[i]t’s healthy, vibrant, and accessible — you can have a different version of it every day.” Cory and his team have been serving up free-run, halal, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken since 2015. That’s a lot of birds, Toronto! He wants you to know that even though they are a Rotisserie by name, their menu is heavily weighted with Vegan options and interesting bowl mix-in ingredients, like wheat and goji berries, pomegranate seeds, orange segments and French lentils. 

More from Cory Vitiello, Chef & Co-Founder:

What is your favourite dish/item on your menu and why?

Rotisserie chicken, of course. It's what we do.

What do you like about Toronto's food scene?

Toronto's independent neighbourhood restaurant scene is as diverse and done at a higher level than most any other city I've travelled to. 

Craving some chicken or a hearty bowl? Here’s $5 to give FLOCK rotisserie + greens (Church/Bloor) a try

Happy eating, Toronto!

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Megan Ballingall
Megan Ballingall