Best Office Food Delivery Ideas

Office food deliveries are just the ticket to ticking your company along. Here are 6 great office food delivery ideas that are certain to spruce up the energy in any office.
Jen Kelly

Office food delivery can be just the ticket to keeping your company ticking along productively during the working day. Plus, your employees will always appreciate a daily catered lunch. According to McKinsey, the global market worth of the food delivery industry has tripled since 2017, and now, in the post-COVID world, it is worth a whopping $150 billion globally. Woof, that’s wilder than a triple-patty burger!

One reason for this is that offices are embracing recurring staff lunches as their way of providing their employees with meals. Office food is broad, flexible (it can be consumed at the desk, in the staff room, or even outside if it’s not raining, and even then, you get a free drink), and is simply great for morale. Reports by Glassdoor indicate that happy employees work harder, especially after a hearty meal.

So, let’s jump in. Here are 6 great office food delivery ideas that are certain to spruce up the energy in any office. What’s more, these are among the most ordered menu items on Ritual, and receive a high volume of lunchtime orders. You could say they were crowd-pleasers, but is that not the goal? These dishes are sure to make your office workers happy.

1. Burrito Bowls

Does there exist a single soul in this world who does not love burritos? They are diverse, customizable, and can feed five thousand. Burrito bowls are essentially deconstructed burritos without the tortilla to wrap them up. They’re tasty and highly customizable, plus, you can add all the guacamole you want. Case rested.

2. Poke Bowls

Hearty, healthy options like poke bowls are just as customizable. It's delicious, wholesome, and sure to up the energy of any employee. Poke bowls are made from avocados, carrots, beans, and essentially any fitting vegetables that you want, plus rice. Tuna too, if that tickles your fancy. Poke originated in Hawaii, where its name was originally translated as “diced fish salad.” Basically, poke bowls are super diverse, full of energy, and deliverable. Go forth and enjoy!

3. Build-Your-Own Salads

Any option that allows you to build your own meal is an instant win. Just allow your employees to pick their tipples through an app like Ritual (wink, wink), and you can create an exciting environment where everybody is looking forward to putting their order in. Toppings could include fresh sweetcorn, diced tomatoes, and onions with boiled eggs, or something completely different. The exciting thing is, it’s totally up to your employees to choose what they want, adding to their autonomy.

4. Breakfast Sandwiches

Is it morning? Or brunch? In either case, breakfast sandwiches carry the fuel you need to have an energized day. You simply can’t lose with breakfast sandwiches. Even if you’re hunting for plant-based alternatives, there are options. Many breakfast sandwiches center superfoods like avocados, spinach, and eggs. Plus, the toasty crunch of English muffins, croissants, or bagels fuel this option with potential.

5. Steamed Bao

These fluffy, steamed bad boys are unique buns that make a mind-blowing change to the standard bagels or bread options that we are so used to. Hearty, wholesome, and perfect to stuff with meat and vegetables, these beauties are popular for a reason.

6. Pad Thai

Noodle dishes are not only filling but sizzling with energy. It’s a dynamic dish too. By which we mean there are many ways to assemble it, whether it is with prawns, noodles, and hoisin sauce, or any other combination of hearty, customizable options. So, when it comes to office lunch ideas, you don’t get much better than this.

The Conclusion

The right office food catering not only shows your employees that you care but gives them a smattering of energy to carry them through the day and all the way home. As a result, you will see a happy office culture, higher attendance, and better results all around.

If you need a platform to create this food-sourcing solution, Ritual for Companies is an efficient, cost-effective option that enables your employees to order meals for pickup or delivery to the office from all of your local restaurants. One of its prime aims is to help you support those small businesses, and grab some tasty munch along the way.

Jen Kelly
Jen Kelly