Order food and drinks. Earn rewards.

Then spend those rewards on your next coffee or lunch. (See where we’re going with this?)

How it works

Earn points

Take advantage of special offers and see your points really add up


Cash in your points for Ritual credits to spend anywhere you want


You… you get free food and drinks. What more do we need to say?

Earning points shouldn’t be hard

When you order with Ritual, you earn points on everything without even trying. Coffee? Earn points. Lunch? Earn points. Desserts? Oh you know you’re earning points. The best part? There’s always sweet lil’ bonus points up for grabs.

Make it rain free lunch

Forget loyalty programs that make you spend thousands of dollars just to earn stuff you don’t even want - life is for the living, and points are for the spending. When you reach 10,000 points, trade ‘em in for $10 in Ritual credits. That’s $10 towards free burgers, free salads, free milkshakes… you get the idea.

Wanna take this to the next level?

Meet Elite Status. Make 8 purchase a month and unlock this exclusive points-boosting level, where you’ll earn extra points on every order you make. All you gotta do to keep it is make 8 purchases every month - and with all the amazing restaurants on Ritual, that shouldn’t be too hard.

The details

You’ve got a whole year until your points expire. That’s like, 365 days of earning big.

Your sweet, sweet credits never expire. Just place an order to spend that free money!

This ain’t no country club: there’s no fees to be a Ritual Rewards member.

Earn up to 25x points on every second order at any Earn+ restaurant on the app. That’s… a lot of points.