Optimize your Website & Button

Top Navigation Banner

Your nav bar is the map to your website. Create an 'Order Now' or 'Order Online' button here to direct web traffic to your commission-free ordering.

Sample websites with great nav buttons:

Calii Love in Toronto

Joe Coffee in New York City

Home Page

Want to make sure your customers can always place an order? Create an 'Order Now' button right on your homepage!

Sample websites with great home page buttons:

Dollop Coffee in Chicago

Sanremo Bakery in Toronto

Big Dave's Cheesesteaks in Atlanta

Splash Page

A splash page appears before anything else on your website, so it guarantees that customers know to order directly from you! Use this page to highlight important updates, promos and, of course, your commission-free online ordering.

Learn how to create your own splash page with Wix, Wordpress, SquareSpace, etc.

Sample websites with great splash pages:

Scuie in Vancouver

Is your Online Ordering not set-up yet?

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