A new way of dining in

No need for physical menus. Set up a QR code menu and allow customers to order through their phones.
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Features your restaurant will love

Interactive QR code menu
No more PDFs! Give diners access to an online menu for a safe, contactless dine-in experience.
Eye-catching signage
Tell customers exactly how it works with great looking in-store assets shipped right to your restaurant.
Contactless ordering
Let diners select, review and place orders straight from their phone.
Paperless payments
Minimize unnecessary contact with payments sent directly to your POS.

Keep your diners safe and reassured

Give your customers peace of mind by providing a safe, contactless dining experience.

Update on the fly

Edit your menu and inventory in real-time. Update specials, new dishes, prices and promotions instantly from any device.

How it works

Build your menu
Upload your most loved items, food descriptions, special offers and photos.
Connect your customers
Display QR code signs on your tables, countertops or windows.
Receive orders
Accept order and payment — then all you have to do is serve up the goods.

No credit card required.
No commitment.

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