Calii Love

Toronto, Ontario

Ritual has gone above and beyond with just customer service from a restaurant’s perspective. Not only has Ritual exceeded expectations in guest satisfaction but the support your team gives is absolutely outstanding.
Anne Conway, Director of Training & Operations

Meet Calii Love

Toronto-based Calii Love set out on a mission to show that food on-the-go could also be good for you. More than a restaurant, they consider themselves a wellness hub. Everything they do is thoughtful. Recipes are co-developed by a nutritionist and chef to ensure dishes are both healthy and delicious. Ingredients are mindfully sourced. Sustainability, respect for the planet, and respect for their community are at the heart of everything they do. With two increasingly busy downtown locations, one in Yorkville and the other in the Financial District, they realized they needed to bring that level of thoughtfulness to their customer ordering experience.

Their Challenge

The core of Calii Love’s customers are young professionals, often in a time crunch. Short lunch breaks meant they didn’t want to spend time waiting in line. Cold, Canadian winters only compounded the problem, and sales dropped exponentially during these months. To shorten their wait, customers began calling in their orders ahead of time. Calii Love developed an in-house system to facilitate pick-ups, but juggling both walk-in and call-in orders proved difficult to manage.

Third party delivery apps didn’t provide the full solution they needed either. Calii Love’s food is best served fresh, but delivery meant food would sometimes take too long to arrive or would arrive cold (many apps don’t mandate the use of insulated bags). These things were out of Calii Love’s control, but affected their reputation.

They need a fresh way to get food into their customers hands, and Ritual fit the menu.

The Ritual Results

Ritual was a great fit for Calii Love. A shared customer base immediately brought a surge of new diners to the restaurant, while Ritual’s Marketplace provided even more visibility. 

Ritual’s platform was easy to implement, and meant Calii Love could provide their customers with a great experience, in a much more streamlined way. The pick up system helped ensure the freshness and quality of the orders, and customers loved the flexibility of ordering ahead. They could now just pop in and pick up their food, avoiding long lines and saving on short, precious lunch time. Calii Love saw the biggest return at their Financial District location. 

Ritual also helped Calii Love build upon their community and interact more with their regulars when they came in to pick up. And as a bonus special touch, Ritual stickers with the customer’s name on the order made the experience more personal for both parties. 

Calii Love also took advantage of Ritual’s Loyalty program to further build their community, increase traffic, and reward regulars. Flexible and easy to set up (no tech team needed!), Calii Love was able to customize their loyalty program based on their customers' habits and behaviours.

Calii Love and Ritual also often run promotions together and Ritual’s support and resources make it easy to execute these campaigns. An Earth Day BOGO campaign tripled sales during the one-day promotion. Execution was flawless, and the Ritual team provided resources as well as regular check-ins and support whenever needed throughout the day. 

Ritual also has the lowest promotion fees. Calii Love had run campaigns with other ordering apps in the past, but found there were always sneaky fees eating into their profits, or ended up paying for the bulk of so-called co-funded promotions. 

Customer behavior is massively driven by Ritual. People are dedicated to using Ritual, and all the other apps out there changing that behavior is notoriously hard. Ritual has the customer base already and as a restaurant, all we have to do is get listed to get access to thousands of users in our demographic. 
Anne Conway, Director of Training & Operations

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