The era of one-tray-fits-all is over

Individual order customization ensures everyone gets what they love.
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Office catering

Group ordering with a platform doing all the heavy lifting

Enhanced features

  • Pick up or delivery options
  • Pay in full or split
  • Automated order reminders
  • Share a link to invite team members

What your team will love


Choose from huge selection of local favourite restaurants.

Credit and loyalty

Collect loyalty stamps for eligible orders and apply company credits.

Save time

Get more done instead of worrying about preparing meals.

Accessible ordering

Order links can be shared via Slack, added to a meeting invite, or the host can even generate a QR code.

How it works

Create a link

Select a restaurant, payment option, number of people and schedule a time for pickup or delivery.


Team members will individually join the order, add food items and place their custom order.

Review the order

Review before scheduled order cutoff to make any adjustments to team members or payments.

Fueling high performing teams with food.

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