Eat Well, Live Well: The 5 Best Healthy Food Gems in St. Lawrence

Indulge in Nourishing Meals and Feel Good About Your Food Choices in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood.
July 31, 2023

Looking for healthy restaurants in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood? Explore our curated list of the top restaurants offering healthy food options that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

Fresh on Front:

Photo credit: @freshrestaurants

Fresh is a vegan culinary gem known for their commitment to freshness and quality. Their new summer menu features a delightful array of plant based eats like watermelon ceviche.

Address: 47 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B3

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Photo credit: @pi_co_pizza

SALAD BAR By Pi Co. offers the ability to make your prefect salad with an extensive selection of fresh vegetables, various proteins, and mouthwatering dressings.

Address: 60 Colborne St, Toronto, ON M5E 0B7

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Photo credit: @freshii

Freshii is renowned for its quick, healthy and affordable meals. From nourishing salads to hearty grain bowls, Freshii offers a diverse range of healthy options to fuel your day.

Address: 92 King St E #118, Toronto, ON M5C 2V8

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imPerfect Fresh Eats:

Photo credit: @imperfect_eats

imPerfect Fresh Eats, is a gem dedicated to serving wholesome and sustainable meals. Their menu utilizes imperfect produce, resulting in delicious and nutritious dishes.

Address: 100 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1

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Booster Juice:

Photo credit: @boosterjuice

Booster Juice is a go-to destination for refreshing and nutritious smoothies. Bursting with vitamins and natural ingredients, their menu offers a wide range of blended delights that will provide a healthy boost of energy.

Address: 106 Front St E Unit 100, Toronto, ON M5A 4K8

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