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Gain new customers through social media ordering & retain them with a best-in-class loyalty & marketing program.

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Gain New Customers

Instagram Ordering

Instagram Ordering

Convert followers into customers with Instagram’s new feature for restaurant owners. Ritual ONE has partnered with Instagram to allow you to accept orders directly from your Instagram profile through the new “Order Food” button. Let one of our onboarding experts get you set up to start bringing in orders through social media - with Instagram orders, you retain 100% of the profits.

Google Ordering

Accept orders through Google

Ritual ONE is making it easy for your customers to order food through Google Search, Google Maps, and Assistant. Now, customers already searching for your business on Google can seamlessly place commission-free online orders.

Retain Existing Customers

Custom Loyalty Program

Custom Loyalty Program

Transform customers into regulars with Loyalty+. Loyalty+ is a restaurant specific digital “stamp card” where customers only earn at your restaurant. They track their order progress using a familiar method, the stamp card, watching as each order gets them closer to their sweet reward. This program can be fully customized and is easy to set up and adjust as you go.

Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing

With Ritual ONE, you get access to your customers’ information empowering you to better understand their ordering patterns and behaviour. With this information, you can market to them with relevant and compelling content. All customer information is automatically collected through Ritual ONE and is easily accessible through the Partner’s Portal.

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