Optimize your takeout & delivery services

Offer commission-free pickup, delivery and storefront ordering for your restaurant.
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Features your restaurant will love

Pickup and delivery
Give your customers the option of pickup or delivery through our commission-free online ordering solution.
Storefront QR code menu
Allow customers to view and order from your restaurant’s online menu and pay right from their phones.
Website and social ordering
Let customers order directly from your website, Google listings, Facebook and Instagram.
Access new customers
List your restaurant on the Ritual app and get access to our network of hungry customers.

Simplify your services

Ensure frictionless pickup and delivery so nothing stands between you and your customers.

Own your operations

  • Real-time menu and inventory management
  • Flexible prep times during peak hours
  • Customer data, insights and feedback
  • Marketing and promotions

How it works

Customer places an order
A customer can place an order via your website, social media, or by walking past your storefront.
Restaurant accepts order
Your restaurant accepts the order via email, your pre existing POS system or your own device.
Restaurant collects payment
Receive payments directly on your POS through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal.

No credit card required.
No commitment.

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