Brown Bag Seafood Co.

Brown Bag Seafood Co. builds customer loyalty and increases sales with online ordering

Donna Lee

Founder & CEO
Brown Bag Seafood provides guests with quality seafood in an approachable, counter-service format.

Tell us about your story, how did you start your business?

I founded Brown Bag Seafood in 2014, I was pescatarian at the time and it was challenging to find fast and affordable seafood in the city. I remember thinking that there was no good reason why seafood couldn’t be possible in a quick service format.

The concept took off from the start and that interest has held true to today, it’s something different for people looking for a fast and healthy option.

Did you have any concerns when first hearing about Ritual?

Yes for sure, the main concern was just having another thing to manage, it relies on good internet and our first operation was in a food hall where we wouldn’t be able to manage the internet.

How is Ritual working out for your business now?

It’s been great, we have it at all our locations now, Ritual is the most popular service for lunch at all of our downtown locations. Ritual and our online ordering make up the majority of our to-go business.

It’s grown a ton, we’ve actually installed pick up shelving to handle the volume.

It was also important that Ritual gave us ticket printers, so that we could seamlessly integrate Ritual orders into our line flow, without disrupting in-store operations.

What’s the biggest value add Ritual has brought?

Ritual guests tend to be people who frequently eat out for lunch. They work nearby and get into routines. So what's nice is that just like we have our loyal guests who we know by name when they order in our restaurants, we also have loyal Ritual guests who we know just as well. There are guests who have ordered 100 times through Ritual, making us very much part of their routine.

There are guests who have ordered 100 times through Ritual, making us very much part of their routine

Anything else you’d like to add? General advice or learnings?

If you can make off-premise work it’s an absolute blessing. Meaning, if you can ensure that your operations are strong, your guest experience is still awesome, and you can make it work financially it’s a great addition to your business.

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