Caffe Ladro

Seattle, Washington

For online ordering, it's a great turnkey experience. It is really a fantastic out of the box experience and it is so much easier than trying to build out something like this yourself. It really has been extraordinarily helpful and I'm excited for us to be able to see where it goes.

Meet Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro is a coffee roaster with 18 locations in Seattle, Washington. They knew digital ordering was the future, and if they wanted to reach more customers and grow sales, they would need an online presence. They joined Ritual in 2018, setting up two of their locations. Then COVID hit. They needed to get the other locations online — and fast. They again looked to Ritual, and soon all 14 locations were open for digital business.

Their Challenge

Pre-COVID, Caffe Ladro had two main challenges: during peak hours customers were waiting in line far too long for their coffee, and during non-peak hours staff was reduced to keep costs in check, but orders still needed to be fulfilled on the fly. Giving customers the option to order online ahead of their visit could help resolve both issues — and be an opportunity for growth. 

They wanted an online ordering solution that could easily be integrated into their existing website, be able to handle a lot of customization options (large triple shot skinny lactose-free extra hot latte, anyone?) and offered a streamlined reporting system. Then came the pandemic, and the added need to keep both customers and staff safe and the business going. Online ordering just became essential. 

The Ritual Results

Ritual partnered with Caffe Ladro to build an ordering system into their website that:

  • integrated seamlessly
  • was easy to onboard at all 14 locations
  • was user friendly
  • allowed for order upsell
  • made pulling sales reports easy
  • and — was commission free

The option to order ahead and skip the wait directed more customers to their website. They could customize and place orders quickly, and with everything at their fingertips, they were more likely to add on items. Sales went up, and Caffe Ladro saw an increase in repeat customers from the website.

During COVID, the ability to order ahead for pick up or delivery also provided their customers with a safer experience. QR codes posted at the front of the restaurant helped reinforce social distancing and in-store customer limits, adding to staff and customer safety. 

And the creme de la crema? Caffe Ladro was able to take advantage of the commission-free ordering on their website and through Instagram, and even created a “How to” section on their Instagram Highlights to further their reach, and spark more online sales.

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