Salus brings new elements of marketing and exposure to their new business and increases store traffic

Adam Spagnuolo

Salus strives each day to provide healthy and delicious foods to our customers.

Tell us about your story, how did you start your business?

Salus started out as an idea in university, I was living off campus at Laurier and was always looking for quick and healthy options in between classes coming to and from campus. It stayed as just an idea for quite some time.

When I started working in finance in Toronto, I saw the healthy lifestyle needs of people around and felt that my idea would be applicable.

I decided to pull the trigger in 2016, we opened up our first location at 25 Carlton, now we’re moving on to our fourth.

Did you have any concerns when first hearing about Ritual?

I never used Ritual when I first heard of it, it was a new concept at the time. I started using it as a consumer at a coffee shop on my way to the gym in the morning, you place your order and boom, come pick it up when it’s ready, it’s a great idea.

From a restaurant owner standpoint, I was kind of nervous about too many orders coming in at once. A lot of our orders are custom options, I was worried whether a digital menu could replicate the concept of following the line making the salad.

The ability to control when the orders are ready, 5 to 15 minutes made a world of a difference. When the lunch rush is just starting, you can make it in 5, when gets crazy it’s nice to hit the 15 minute button.

Ritual is going to add a whole new element of marketing and exposure for your business.

What’s the biggest value add Ritual has brought?

Ritual gives us a whole other piece of business, as you’re serving your customers one by one, Ritual adds a whole other line of revenue, it’s almost like adding a new till. You’re able to add a pick up feature without investing a lot of capital.

Anything else you’d like to add? General advice or learnings?

I think the best part for a new restauranteur, Ritual is going to add a whole new element of marketing and exposure for your business.

Having Ritual made discovering Salus easier. As your restaurant goes on, Ritual has an amazing loyalty rewards program so those are going to come back, some customers have come back more than 200 times.

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