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HERO Coffee grows their sales during COVID-19 with Ritual

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Lean Into Ritual: Grow Sales & Lower Fees

When COVID-19 hit, HERO Coffee decided to move forward with Ritual-only ordering in their stores. This allowed them to streamline their operations and provide contactless pickup for customers.
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Over time, HERO Coffee has been able to lower their Ritual fees by leaning into Ritual ONE commission-free ordering. Even though their sales have grown tremendously, Ritual’s cut has declined to a mere 5% (compare this to the average third party’s 30%-40% commission rate).

Optimize Your Ritual ONE Experience

Ritual ONE provides a suite of tools for restaurants to ensure they’re crafting the perfect commission-free ordering experience for customers. HERO Coffee has leaned into every single aspect of Ritual ONE - and it’s paid off!
HERO Coffee

Step 1: Premium Web Placement

The “Order Now” button is at the top of HERO Coffee’s website, and is clearly marked. See here for more tips & tricks on how to optimize your web placement.

Craft a Custom, Branded Page

Make your experience your own - Ritual ONE allows you to match the customer experience to your brand, and to reward customers the same way you would in-store.
HERO Coffee

Step 2: Branding & Menu Photos

HERO Coffee has added their own personal touch to their online ordering page - including their logo & menu photos. Learn more about how to customize your branding here.

Step 3: Loyalty+

HERO Coffee has opted into Ritual’s Loyalty+ program, which allows Michelle to reward her regulars without lifting a finger. See here to learn more about Loyalty+ and start your program.

Enable Multi-Channel Ordering

Be where your customers are - whether it’s walking down the street, on Instagram, or searching for you on Google. HERO Coffee has placed their Ritual ONE link everywhere.
HERO Coffee

Step 4: QR Code Ordering

QR Code Ordering has become increasingly popular during COVID-19 because it allows customers a seamless ordering experience while minimizing human interaction. Find out more and request a poster here.

Step 5: Instagram Ordering

HERO Coffee has built an incredible customer base on Instagram. Their “Order Food” button allows them to direct customers to their Ritual ONE link straight from their page! Learn more about how to optimize your Instagram to drive orders here.

Step 6: Google Ordering

Ritual ONE is also linked to HERO Coffee’s Google listing page - so they can attract new customers (for free!). See more about how to claim and manage your Google listing here.

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