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Catered meals from the top restaurants delivered to your office.
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Personalized corporate catering

The era of one-tray-fits-all is over. With Ritual corporate catering everyone can decide what they want. Meals are delivered individually packed and custom labeled for an easy meal experience.
Personalized corporate catering options for employees

Choose from delivery or pick up

Employees can either pick up their corporate catering order or they can request a delivery to the office. Perfect for team meals, corporate events and company meetings.
Choose pickup or delivery for your corporate catering order

Local corporate catering

Choose from hundreds of local restaurants to get catering from. Office admins can set a radius to define where employees can place orders from to help support the local restaurants near your office.
Corporate catering near you and from local restaurants

Support local restaurants

Give employees the option of choosing from hundreds of local restaurants to get catering from. Admins can set a radius to define where employees can place orders from to help support the local restaurants near your office.

“The huge selection of restaurants, payment splitting options and easy-to-share invite links streamline lunch catering for events and meetings of any size. This is truly corporate catering of the future!”

Miriam Shuval | VP People Operation | FundThrough
Individually packaged corporate catering

“Ritual gives our staff the ability to order what they want, when they want, rather than have a set menu catered to the office.”

Liza Haddad,
Global Business Development Manager at Spotify
Office corporate catering program
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Built for hybrid teams

Provide employees with credits they can use on the Ritual app to order corporate catering from their favourite local restaurants near the office or wherever they choose to work.

Recurring meal plans

Attract and retain top talent, increase productivity and boost culture with a consumption-based corporate catering plan where you only pay for what your team uses.

Group order delivery

Customizable large group corporate catering orders delivered to your location.

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